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Palette 37 - Pre-Hiatus!Patrick by ImSwagPikachu
Palette 37 - Pre-Hiatus!Patrick
aight it's not v good but i was in the car for most of it so nyall can fight me
Something wrong/Little song/Before its gone too long
Is it real/What does she feel/Towards orange skylines/Out of time
Rightly written/Never fit in/Like my hands alone
Fever dreams/Of cries and screams/Cuz I'm gonna fall
Gave my heart/Gave my hope/I tried/And gave my all
Hallucinogenic feelings/Sent me wounded, reeling/
Glass smashed/Our feet on grass/Because we didn't think to jump

I'll drift further to the sea/Where no one dares to find me
I'll wave further/Sink for meters/Sink for miles
My little boat/Broken like hope/Sinking fast and smiles
What do I do to pass the time/But fake the whole and fill the rhymes
So simple/So happy/So beautiful/And sad
Simplify my feelings: I'm just a little mad

We're insane/Sickened brains/But you're a little fake
The things I see/What do you hear
I'm too far/far from here
He won't be quiet/You only spy it
Through the gunshot on my temple
Making holes across my head/Like polka dots/So simple
An array of golden flaws/Cracked skulls with unhinged jaws
So I'll pass the time with hope and fear/Because I'm too far from here

You say you're not alone/But truly what's alone?
Strapping down around the wrist/Fearing home and try and twist
Put the gun down, she says/Put my heart down, and I'll comply
I'm only a liar/I'm the best/Only good for help
Impulse of a beat/I ran into the street/And watched my own heart shatter
Ending lines of hearts and shrines/The dark leaves a little behind

Far From Here
Some poetry about some feelings.
Brandnod by ImSwagPikachu
This is a conversation between Brandon Urien and Dallon Weekes.
Brandon Urien: This is not the Brendon you know
Brandon Urien: I am Brandon urien
Dallon Weekes: Evil twin?
Brandon Urien: Not Brendon urie
Brandon Urien: Yes
Brandon Urien: We were separated at birth
Dallon Weekes: Alrighty the
Dallon Weekes: n*
Brandon Urien: I got the shit parebts
Brandon Urien: That's why I'm evil
Dallon Weekes: How evil though?
Brandon Urien: Super evil
Brandon Urien: Like not paying my band members enough
Brandon Urien: That's how evil I am
Dallon Weekes: Brendon already does that
Brandon Urien: Spending $1000 on a shirt kind of evil
Brandon Urien: Wow
Brandon Urien: Brandon must be a dick
Brandon Urien: *brendon
Dallon Weekes: Yeah
Brandon Urien: Why are you even in the band still
Brandon Urien: Are you guys  f---ing or something
Dallon Weekes: ...
Dallon Weekes: He gives free bjs if i don't mess up any songs after a concert
Brandon Urien: Nice
Brandon Urien: Totally worth it
Dallon Weekes: But he treated Ryan better >:(
Dallon Weekes: Ffs he treated Brent better
Brandon Urien: Brendon is just
Brandon Urien: Trash
Dallon Weekes: I'm trash (for brendon)
Brandon Urien: I meab
Brandon Urien: Meab
Brandon Urien: Mean
Dallon Weekes: meab
Brandon Urien: I'm not gonna argue
Dallon Weekes: Maybe he's the evil one
Brandon Urien: Get your bad vibes out of my cornflakes

^^^^ Kellan's Shamchat Adventures (I was Dallon)


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United States
I'm a Dallon Weekes enthusiast
message me about brendon urie i will love you forever
  • Listening to: FOB
  • Reading: enter night
  • Watching: nothing bc we cant get wifi on the xbox
  • Playing: minecraftyy
  • Eating: pete wentz
  • Drinking: 8 day old unrefridgerated 7up

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